Secure Future Foundation - Think Security for America's Tomorrow
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The Secure Future Foundation is a public foundation for the education of middle school to college age children in the understanding of National Security and the vital role our youth play in the protection of our country’s future. 
With support from government educational grants, military groups, government contractors and private citizens, The Secure Future Foundation develops educational, clearance and scholarship initiatives to teach children about National Security, Homeland Defense, and Civic Responsibility. 
Young adults are exposed to an infinite amount of data, images and concepts that generations past did not.  They will make personal life decisions that sculpt who they are now and who they will become in the future.  Parents, teachers and community leaders are a huge part of this… We must steer our children in the right direction, teach civic pride and awareness to ensure their future as adults. 
These are the future adults who will qualify for jobs in government, military and contracting support to the protection of our nation.  As adults, these children will be faced with all of the information that our society has already generated about them and that they allowed to be collected.  They need to understand concepts of social media, public and private data usage, illicit or criminal activity and financial responsibility.
The Secure Future Foundation strives to teach young people about their use of technology today and the impacts it can have on their futures tomorrow.  Aid us in educating youth, in the security of America. 
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